Covid-19 Update 4/6/2020

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have an increased impact on our community.
We felt it was important to connect with you directly to share more about the steps we are
taking to help keep our guests and team members safe and healthy.
*We encourage our staff to wash with our antibacterial soap and water and to sanitize
hands frequently.
*Hand sanitizer and boxes of tissues are available thought the dealership.
*We have anti-bacterial wipes around and frequently wipe down the interiors of vehicles in
the showroom and demos before/after test drives.
*Treat customer cars that come in for service the same way – disinfect them before and
after technicians diagnose and repair them.
*We are practicing the “No offense, it just makes sense” non-handshake policy.
*We discourage employees from using other employees’ phones, desks, office, or other work
tools and equipment.
*Minimize the situation where people are crowded together, like meetings. Use e-mail,
phones, and text messages to communicate with each other. When meetings are
necessary, avoid close contact by keeping a separation of at least six feet where possible
and assure that meeting rooms are well-ventilated.
*We encourage sick employees to stay home and if desired work from home as well.
*The staff will be wearing gloves at all times when in a customer’s vehicle.
*All new and used vehicles in stock are sanitized before road testing.
All of these practices are informed by guidance from the CDC, WHO, and State Department of
Health. Based on the direction we have received from these organizations, our own preparedness,
and the current state of our dealership operations.